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Bijoux et Joaillerie


NES uses traditionnal jewellery techniques, incorporation modern resins and wallpapers.

Caroline Néron

Christophe Poly

Jewels with original forms and colors, entirely hand made in Canada. The materials used are aluminium, brass, rubber and acrylic.


Pochette à bijoux de voyage

in leather, also available in black

85.00 $


Anne-Marie Chagnon


Christine Philippe


Coffre à montres de Wolf Design

Black leather case with glass cover, for 5 watches

135.00 $

Coffre à montres de Wolf Design

Black leather case with glass cover, for 10 watches

195.00 $

Coffre à bijoux de Wolf Design

Red leather jewlery case, 4 layers and a double space for neckles. Traveling case included. Comes also in black color. $405. Smaler version also available with 3 layers. $320.


Les Interchangeables

High quality fashion accessories mounted with Swarovski cristal. The bracelets are hand made in Paris. Each of them are based on a strech ribbon from the great Japenees Mokuba company.

Bijoux Marie-France Carrière

Montres OBAKU

This is an exclusive collection of watches with a focus on simple, serene design. This collection is backed by a philosophy of blending the two different traditions of simplicity found in the Nordic and Asian cultures. For men and women. 5 years waranty.